Ремесленные материалы

Simple and Elegant:

Black leather journal

for business

Explore impressive, black leather journal

  • premium genuine leather

  • compact and lightweight

  • lay-flat, thick, and hardcover business notebook 

black le vent  genuine leather journal for business, travel, drawing, sketching, poetry and more

comes with:

- leather cover,

-1x lined notebook,

-1x blank notebook

-2x leather cord wrappers


Gifting a genuine leather journal for men/women

leather journal for travelers refillable

This is a truly unisex choice for all who are inspired by journaling. We have various talented people, among entrepreneurs, writers, designers, artists, and composers, who are loyal to le vent.

Comes with:

Lined and  Blank Notebooks



Easy to refill a notebook / Durable for years to come