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About us



My name is Alina.


It's all started with a small French yacht called "le vent" that moored near a village where I spent my childhood. I was always picturing myself on the boat sailing on the sea and drew a lot of pictures. And one day it happened. Claude and Michelle and their dog Bebe saw me drawing their boat and offered me a small boat trip, to which I went with my father. I was 7 and my pictures suddenly became alive. 


From the moment I left my home in Bassano Del Grappa (Italy), I travelled a lot and realized that thoughts are like the wind, if you won't catch its breath, you will lose it. As an architect and designer, I devote my life to these arts to help people live better. 


le vent [/lə/ /vɑ̃/] translated as a wind from French is a symbol of changes and freedom. 

Words mean more when they are put on paper. I wish you a great time full of new ideas, energy, and inspiration.


Sincerely yours, 
Alina Utense 
Founder of le vent ™


leather journal for travelers refillable
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